About Us

Opporty is a smart social networking platform for companies and individuals willing to interact with them. Opporty offers unlimited B2B and B2C possibilities for business owners, employees, clients, buyers, vendors, freelancers, and individual contractors.

Found in 2016, Opporty has already become a competitive business. It is no wonder why, given that the platform takes advantage of the on-demand economy model: hassle-free experience, efficient selection of product/service providers and suppliers, smart rating system, reviews and references, immediate mobile notifications, etc.

By tapping into a key human desire to get products and services with a click of a button, Opporty has gained a strong foothold on the market. We believe that our business model is key to driving customers, maximizing marketing efforts, and showcasing products and services. We simply save time and money, helping businesses succeed online.

Opporty for Businesses

Opporty is the best marketplace for small- and midsize companies. Using Opporty, you can:

  • offer your products and services directly to interested prospects;
  • list products and services (with detailed descriptions);
  • cater to local customers (if the location is specified);
  • publish requests for products and services offered by other Opporty members;
  • contact freelancers and individual contractors;
  • search for employees;
  • leave reviews and provide references to other Opporty members.

Opporty business model is highly profitable for businesses because here they:

  • find new leads and maximize marketing efforts, showcasing products and services directly to interested prospects;
  • gain a strong foothold on the local market, appealing to local customers in the specific niche;
  • get high-quality traffic and backlinks to their websites, generating and sharing content in their Opporty accounts;
  • find employees, contractors, and freelancers;
  • facilitate B2B and B2C communication.

Opporty for Individuals

Opporty is a perfect platform for individuals interested in cooperating with businesses. It is sleek, smooth, and easy to use and navigate.

Casual users will find Opporty helpful in searching for specific products and services. They can either select the best option available or publish a request, describing what product or service they are craving for. In no time at all, they will receive multiple responses. All they need now is to choose the response they like best.

Opporty is also a worthwhile platform for freelancers and contractors. On Opporty they can offer their services any day of the week. Just submit an offer and receive responses from businesses or other Opporty members. Then, just choose the best offer. It is easy as that.

Embracing the power of Opporty, users can:

  • choose products and services offered by businesses, contractors, and freelancers;
  • compare different offers and requests, selecting the one they like best;
  • contact and rate businesses and other Opporty users;
  • leave reviews on businesses’ Opporty pages and rate their products and services.

Why Opporty?

Opporty offers unlimited possibilities to make requests, submit offers, and select providers and suppliers. Opporty simplifies B2B and B2C communication and enables efficient cooperation.

Opporty has pushed the borders for both buyers and sellers. They have never been closer before.